Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smooch Boutique Swimwear!

I know, you are thinking why am I doing a post on bikinis in the middle of December, but you ladies won’t be sorry if you keep reading. I think I own over a 100 bathing suits and that's probably an understatement. Usually when I go on vacation I purchase a bathing suit for each day, I just love different styles and cuts and I think now as I am getting older I'm loving a lot one pieces. I know I'm just making an excuse to buy more bathing suits,lol.
So you are wondering where am I getting at with all of this, ok so you guys all know that I have an instagram account if not go follow @ravenfashion well anyway one day I stumbled upon an account @smoochboutiqueswimwear and the creator @karmelreneexoxo. Let me tell you I found my new swimwear obsession. Her line is cute and flirty all in one, from the lace to the bows, the details of the line are so cute and for sure will have heads turning.  Not only do I love this line, but the designer is such a sweetheart as well. I guarantee this will be the most sought out swimwear line for 2013 and can’t wait to see more.
Make sure to go check out the line at and follow @smoochboutiqueswimwear for the latest and upcoming 2013 pieces.
Here are some pieces I purchased and some I'm lusting over.

I'm going on my Honeymoon in 3 weeks so i purchased this one. How cute is it?!!resort-chic/productsstackergallery4g4=10
GREEK GODDESS $159.00!adore-me/productsstackergallery4g1=8
Alaya $169.00
This is just sexy!!!!adore-me/productsstackergallery4g1=17
Jemma $149.00

Also got this one. Love it!adore-me/productsstackergallery4g1=0
Jenna $169.00

Flirty, I looooove this and the black version too.!all-dolled-up/productsstackergallery4g6=10
Sea Shell $159.00

How cute is this! I'm obsessed!

Here is a look at the 2013 collection, I cant wait to see more!!! The bottom left is a must have for me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas Decor!

There is no doubt that Christmas has to be my favorite Holiday ever, and each year I get so excited for December so that I can start decorating my home! I think my first year  in my house I went crazy at Home Goods and Target, but  it's all worth it when I see  how pretty my home looks each year. My husband loves the way our home looks, so that's a plus too. Next year I think I'm going to switch it up, but for now I love the way my home looks once I'm all done putting the decorations up.
Here are some cute DIY ideas as well as pictures of my home. What do you guys think? Hope this gives you some cute ideas for you home.
Happy Holidays!

Here is a cute idea! Pick any vase you have at home you can  put different  fruit in it (fake or real). I chose fake obviously, but look how cute it looks. All purchased at Target, 3 years ago

Here is my tree, I used gold tone and white lights, not into color lights personally.

Here is my dining room table which is by far my favorite of the whole house. Those bows are  pain to make but love how they look. I purchased everything from Home Good, except the trees and present boxes which were purchased at Dollar Tree surprisingly.

Another view!

I purchased fake flowers at the dollar store and created this cute little centerpiece for my kitchen.

A close up of my place settings. Love them!
Joy & Peace!

How cute are my stocking for  my husband, me and Raven.

All about the details!

Tree during the day!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids Fashion


So I clearly don't have children , but I do have girlfriends that do and I'm obsessed with all the cute outfits they put them in. My one girlfriend's daughter is just my little sweet pea, she is just a little ham and I love it. Every time her mom takes a picture of her and she says its for me she throws that little peace sign up and I just want to eat her up. Hopefully one day I will have a cute little girl that will dress and act like mommy, but for now I claim her as mine, lol. Lord knows my husband will have a heart attack if we do have a girl, if he thinks my shopping is bad now, my child is going to be decked out better than me. Do any of you see a cute little outfit ina store and come close to buying it because its that adorable, or maybe its just me,lol. I can only dream one day I can buy that outfit for my child. Any who, here are some cute little pictures of my little love Cheyenne, how cute is she?! Can you just die at how adorable she is?!

I would so wear an adult version of this outfit

Love her!

Loving this look

Straight hair don't care.

I can't even with her.

Even in uniform she is stylish.

My favorite look of all. How adorable!!

Peace & Love

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Fashion Haul

Happy Friday everyone, I hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am. I'm not working this weekend so I'm super excited and you know what that means more time to shop!!. My husband probably wont be too happy about this post but he knew who he was marrying:).
 This time of year is the best time to shop because all of the sales  My all time favorite place to shop as if you cant already tell is forever 21. Some people either love it or hate it, but I just cant stay away from that place. I tend to shop on because I just hate dealing with crowds and that feeling when I see that box on my front porch is just amazing. I know I sound like an addict and I guess you can say I am a shopaholic, first step is admitting you have a problem  right?! LOL  Anyway, I purchased some cute things and thought Id share, so enjoy and do some fun shopping. Make sure to go follow my instagram @Ravenfashion to see how I wear these items.

Woven Geo Scarf, Price $12.80

High-Waisted Houndstooth Shorts, Price $19.80

Bejeweled Sweetheart Bustier Top, Price $19.80

Animal Print Open Cardigan, Price$29.80

Relaxed Dropped Shoulder Sweater, Price $22.80

Pleated Surplice Top, Price $17.80

Colorful Sequined Shorts, Price$19.80

Southwestern Eagle Scarf, Price$12.80

Zippered Tuxedo Striped Pants, Price $27.80

Fair Isle Leggings, Price Was:$19.80Now:$13.00

Longline V-Neck Sweater, Price $17.80

Faux Fur Trim Bomber Jacket, Price $42.80

Jennifer Lopez for Kohls, Price $8.00 only in stores. Thanks Mom:)

Brian Atwoof Gloves for Neiman Marcus & Target Collaboration, Price $49.99
Oscar De La Renta Tote for Neiman Marcus & Target Collaboration, Price $59.99

Peace & Love

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to wear shorts in the fall.


Living in New Jersey I dread the moment when I have to pack away my summer clothes and pull out the same old fall looks, but this fall season I kept one summer essential out, shorts!!! Yes that's right ladies don't pack those shorts away just yet. I'm going to show you 4 easy ways to wear shorts in the fall and pair them with some key fall items. The one fall essential that you can use with shorts are tights, you can wear them under anything. Stay warm and add spunk to your outfit with fun prints on your tights. Put on a fun pair of tights or knee length socks under your shorts and turn that summer look into a fall fashion's must have look. Ladies, don't be afraid to add both tights and knee socks together. 
The one thing I love about shorts is the fact that they show off my long legs which is always a plus. Be sure to pair your shorts with booties, tall boots, pumps or even flats. There are so many ways to wear shorts, so go in your closet and start with some essential pieces like tights, blazers, scarves, and sweaters and start mixing and matching, soon you will be the talk of the town.
Here are some looks I put together, hope you all like.
For outfit details go check out my Polyvore page and follow

This look can be for a night out with the girls or a date night, pair it with black tights.

I would wear this look for a casual fun day.

This is my favorite look, which I would wear for a day of shopping.

For a club night rock this cute look.

Peace & Love