Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peplum, Peplum, Peplum!!

Peplum is a big must have in your wardrobe this Fall. I fell in love with style about 2 years ago and glad I kept the pieces I purchased a while back. This style can be very flattering for all shapes and sizes if you wear it the right way. I'm a tall skinny girl, with no hips, so this gives me that hour glass shape I yearn for, and depending where the Peplum is placed in can also cover an unflattering pooch. Be sure when wearing a Peplum you keep anything you wear for the bottom symmetrical to the Peplum. The style is so popular, its on skirts, pants, blazers, sweaters, tops, and shorts. With that said, here are four different ways to wear Peplum. For outfit details follow my Polyvore page

Play with different textures,colors, and pattern combinations when wearing a peplum, it really depends on your plans. I would wear this combo for a dinner date or night out with the girls. For work I would opt for a simple black peplum with a collar and this skirt.
A slim knee length skirt with a peplum attached is my favorite way to rock the look. The peplum is more bold on a pencil skirt  and can make your outfit stand out. This is my favorite because it gives me that hour glass shape, I like. Wear cute booties or pumps with this look.

Try a statement-making jacket over pants, dresses, skirts, shorts and you can go no wrong. This look is just sexy sexy sexy. If you want to dress up anything , a peplum jacket is the way to go, the silhouette is just perfect. You can wear it with a top under or if you are daring with a just a statement necklace.

A statement jacket over peplum pants, is a great way to turn yourself into a rockstar for the night or for a summer look just a tank with cute sandals. Either way you will turn heads with your fab style.

Hope you enjoyed this post, so go put a PEPlum in your step.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seeing Red!

Hi Ladies and Gents, hope everyone survived the Black Friday shopping. With that said the Holidays are coming up and what better color to talk  about other than red. This color is always such a fun color to play with when it comes to adding some life to a boring outfit. I really use to hate the color and dare you ask me to wear a red lipstick, I would have looked at you as if you had four heads. As my style has grown so has my love for the color red. I have shoes, costume jewelry, pants, jackets, blouses and more in this bright fun hew. So, the question is how do you wear red? Trust me, there is a right and wrong way to wear it and Im going to show you the dos and don'ts.
Your outfit should have a splash of  red, do not overload your outfit with tons of red unless you want to look like one of Santa's helpers. You can pair another bright color with red if you like, my favorite match would be a royal Blue or white. For Fall I like matching red with Black or Neutrals. If you are a wearing a red shoe, stick with these colors in your outfit so the key focal point is your shoe. Another great way to wear Red is on your lip, I tend to wear red lips when I have no color going on in my outfit, I love how  it just gives my whole appearance a sexy feel.
Here are some outfits I have worn on a night out and to work.
Hope this helps you embrace the color Red. 
Peace & Love
My statement piece was my clutch and added a red lip.

I added a pop of color with my shoes and shirt

Red jeans make this outfit come alive.
Mixing animal prints with a red statement piece like this bolero jacket is always a plus.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

I figured this post was fitting since Black Friday was three days ago. Surprisingly I have only ventured out into the madness once in my life and once it will stay. You would think a girl like me who loves to shop would want to take advantage of the amazing sales, but truthfully it's not worth it for me. I suffer with bad migraines and do not like the  feeling of being smothered, so imagine how I felt shopping on Black Friday. Though I do not venture out into the cold lines, I however do sit in the comfort of my home and do some serious online shopping. I'm not saying that the online shopping is not frustrating on Black Friday because we all have been there, that moment when you have all your favorite picks in the cart and once you get to checkout, boom!!!! That good old error message pops onto your screen, but truthfully I rather deal with that screen  over a woman going for my jugular for a scarf any day of the week. We also don't want to forget good, old cyber Monday. So I do understand that those amazing deals come along and you just have to have the items, I myself would rather warm up some leftovers and surf the webs for some deals. Who knows maybe when I'm a mother, I'll venture back out on Black Friday for that special gift for my child until that time comes, I'll stay my little tush home with my little Raven.
Here is a little Black Friday/Cyber Monday Humor. Happy shopping everyone! Stay tuned for a post on deals I got on Cyber Monday.
Peace & Love

Friday, November 23, 2012

My first Thanksgiving As A Wife!

So Thanksgiving was yesterday and for my family we really never make a big deal and get dressed up. Growing up you were lucky if we changed out of our pajamas, lol, so for me it was a very casual day, since it was just my mother, my husband and me. I wore leggings to give my stomach enough room to eat  and a cute shirt that showed my love for my husband. The month of November is a special month for me, reason being its my anniversary with my husband, we made 7 years on 11/18, but now  that we have been married 2 months our anniversary changed to 9/21/12, with  that said I thought the shirt was fitting.. I also wore a beret, I love berets because you can wear them so many different ways. I decided to show you guys two different ways to wear my outfit and a three different ways to wear a beret. Which would you wear? I love taking my hats and playing with  the look, I also wear this type of hat with a French side braid or fishtail. Here are some pics of me in the different looks. 
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your loved ones.
Peace & Love!

First Thanksgiving as a wife. Best feeling in the world.
Red Beret! Rock star boots

Three different ways to wear a beret.

Three different ways to wear a beret.

2nd option, more casual style.

Kisses from Raven!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Instagram @Ravenfashion

So I recently started a fashion instagram. A lot of my friends would ask where I  purchased certain items from, so I made this instagram strictly for pictures of my outfits. I have never been one to hide where I  purchase items. At the end of the day if someone purchases the same item as me I don't care because you cant by style, its what you create with that purchase that sets your style apart from others, I'm just here to inspire and give ideas.  Enjoy and follow @ravenfashion on instagram for daily outfit updates.

Peace and Love

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The wonderful world of Eyebrows!

Hi Ladies and Gents!
So I thought this was an important post for my readers because I get a lot of compliments about my eyebrows and questions about how I get that perfect arch, so here is how I do it. Before i get to the how to, let me give you the history of my eyebrows.So as a teenager I use to go get my eyebrows waxed at the local nail salon and looking back at pictures I cringe at how horrific my eyebrows use to look. My eyebrows looked like a rainbow painted on my face, they were uneven and didn't do anything for my features. Not a lot of people realize how eyebrows can change your appearance drastically. As I got older I grew out my eyebrows and just started tweezing myself because I didn't trust anyone to ever do them again, that is till my girlfriend introduced me to Azmeena. This woman is amazing with eyebrows and she really made a difference in the way my eyebrows look. When I first met Azmeena she said to me "Sweetie if you listen to me you will have your dream eyebrows," and boy was she right. The hardest part about achieving that perfect eyebrow is the regrowing process. I had to grow my eyebrows for a month. The first two weeks were fine but the last two weeks I avoided going out because I looked like chumbaca,lol. Ladies this is the most important part, do not touch your eyebrows at all, it's hard but worth it. After a month I went back and she gave me a great arch. It took four months for the perfect look because one eyebrow was shorter than the other. Azmeena told me as long as I didn't touch my eyebrows, they will grow and they did. I drive 45mins once a month for to get my eyebrows threaded, but for me it's  well worth it. Here are some pictures of me and my eyebrows through the years, can you see the difference and how it helps accentuate my features ? Also a link to Azmeena's website and tips to achieve the perfect eyebrows. Feel free to leave a comment or questions.

Me at 15! Eyebrows waxed at nail salon.
Over plucking, too thin!
Not bad but still thin.
I just started going to Azmeena at this point.
about 4 months ago and just right

Well-groomed eyebrows are a part of a complete and effective makeup application.  Begin by slightly trimming overgrown eyebrow hair.  This step must be followed by threading of the eyebrows.

What is “threading”?  Threading is an ancient and unique technique for all ages, both male and female.  This method is used in many countries in the Middle East as well as countries in Asia and Eastern Africa.  Threading is suitable for the removal of unwanted vellus facial hair.

This method is gaining world wide popularity.  Using special eyebrow threading, the technician twists and rolls the thread along the surface of the skin entwining the hair which is then pulled out from the follicle.
·        It takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks for hair to grow back.
·        Threading is less painful in comparison to other methods of hair removal such as tweezing and waxing.
·        Unlike the use of depilatories, threading has minimal side effects of irritation and puffiness.
·        Threading is highly recommended by dermatologists for those who use Retin-A, Accutone, and other similar products.
·        Over sensitive skin may experience some discomfort but far less than waxing.
·        Optional:  Apply emollient cream or antiseptic lotion and massage for a few minutes.  Gently remove excess cream/lotion with a cotton pad.
Well shaped eyebrows will also give you an instant face-lift, enhance your appearance and make you look a few years younger than your age.  It also takes away a few pounds from your face.


Enhance your eyebrow by applying brow shadow to fill in the brow.  Begin the application from the tail of the eyebrow to the peak of the arch, and from the arch to the thickness and inner corner.  Next, apply the shadow on the inner side of the eyebrow by blending toward the arch.
Use eyebrow pencil for sparsed or brow area with no hair before applying brow shadow.

Hope this tip helps! I would love to see before and afters if you guys change to threading.

Here is a link to Azmeena's website,

 Peace & love

Hello Kitty for Forever21


 So anyone and everyone who knows me knows how much I love Hello Kitty. The love for the iconic character started about two years ago when two of my girlfriends who are also fanatics started  getting me little cute gifts.  A couple birthdays, holidays and collaborations later my closet and house is full of Hello Kitty stuff.  So to hear that Forever21 was collaborating again with  Hello Kitty, I couldn't wait to see what they came up with and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

Last year's Forever21 and Hello Kitty collaboration had cute items but this years is on another level. I'm so happy that this line geared towards an older crowd such as myself.  From the Fall rich colors, to the Versace inspired prints, you seriously cant go wrong with this line. I am actually surprised that the line is not sold out  yet so with that said here are some pieces that I picked up and adore.

Hello Kitty® Sleep Romper

Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Toiletry Bag

Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Travel Bag

Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Travel Bag
Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Umbrella

Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Umbrella
Hello Kitty® Chain Print Scarf

Hello Kitty® Chain Print Scarf

Hello Kitty® Chain Print Scarf

Hello Kitty® Leopard Scarf Print Pillow

Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Satin Pillow

Hello Kitty® Leopard Filigree Pillow

Hello Kitty® Filigree Print Miniskirt

Hello Kitty® Filigree Print Leggings

Static Cool Hello Kitty® Tee

 I hope you adore this line as much as I do, stay tuned to see how I put together each piece. Happy Shopping!

Little Old Me

Hi Ladies and Gents,
I'm so excited to launch this blog for all of you. I have always been told that I have an eye for Fashion, so I figured I share with the world. I will posting on a lot of topics such as Beauty Products I'm using, Fashion, DIY items, Hairstyles, Interior Design and much more.
I hope this blog can inspire your inner Fashionista.
Love & Peace