Monday, March 30, 2015

Annabelles First Play Date

Hi Ladies & Gents,
I Hope all of you had a great weekend. I can say, my weekend  was fabulous because I got to hang with these two little cuties. Annabelle finally had her first play date and it was a success. My daughter goes to a nanny so she is around kids, but I honestly I have had no time to schedule a actual play date until now.
I have been following @Arisays on Instagram for some time now and we have been toying around with the idea of getting her daughter Clover and Annabelle together for a play date, but between baby teething, weather and just schedules we haven’t made it happen till this past weekend.
The instant that these two girls met it was cuteness overload. They chased each other and giggled and some tumbles and a little crying but nothing to ruin the giggle filled day. I can say you guys will be seeing a lot more of these two together this summer. We kept it simple and just hung at Ari’s place, she recently twisted her ankle so we decided to let the girls just run around while we had mommy talk.
It was just so cute to see them interact with each other, especially Clover running and giggling after Annabelle. My daughter is a couple months older than Clover so she has the walking and running down to a science, Clover was trying to keep up and it was just so darn cute.

Overall it was great day, check out some pictures Ari took of the girls and of Annabelle and I. FYI if you guys need a great wedding or event photographer, she and her husband are amazing. Make sure to check out her @arisays and @clovermotta on instagram.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!
Peace & Love

 Her face cracks me up
Her Face!

I can’t stand the cuteness!
Mommy no more pictures!

Besties sharing a laugh!

I am beyond obsessed with these mommy and me pics. I will definitely be putting this in my home, thanks Ari.

I just love her tiny feet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aruba Trip


Hi Ladies & Gents,

So let me apologize for taking so long to post this trip but the thought of going through 300 plus pictures didn't sound to thrilling to me to be honest,lol. I decided since I have few trips coming up it was time to finally sit and go through my Aruba trip with the hubby and let me tell you  I had both happy and sad thoughts. Happy thoughts because it was an amazing trip and sad because I wish I was in those same moments right now. I guess I just have to start planning our next trip.

My husband and I always planned getaways with each other before Annabelle came into our lives and  we both think its important to still keep that tradition. It is so easy to get trapped into a everyday routine and as much as people would like to paint a pretty picture, the everyday routine of being new parents, plus work and lack of sleep can take a toll on the best of marriages, so we promised ourselves a trip alone. As you guys can tell I'm obsessed with my daughter and I cried a lot leaving her but I knew it was a needed trip for my husband and I. 

A lot of people when planning a Caribbean trip, plan to do excursions and venture out, but remember this was our first trip away from Annabelle, so our daily routine was very simple. We chose to stay at The Occidental Aruba because it was all inclusive and had 4 stars.  I can tell you the staff were very friendly, the food was amazing and the drinks were great. It's a place I definitely would recommend to anyone. I loved that no one bothered me on the beach and the water was so calm that it was easy to swim in. The funny part of our trip is every night we would say oh lets go to the casino but each night we were in bed by 9pm. The fact that we were actually getting 8hrs of sleep was the best thing we could have asked for.

Overall our trip was amazing and if you have never been to Aruba, I highly recommend it, you can walk out of the resort and feel safe and there really is a lot to do if you do choose to.
We are planning  trip back very soon.

Check out below some pictures from our trip.

Peace & Love



We got in during late afternoon so we just checked in and made reservations at the Hibachi place in our hotel. We had so much fun with our chef, he was so funny and even got me to participate. As we were eating, women in amazing costumes came by to tell us there was a party on the beach, so after dinner we headed over for a great beach party.

Top, Hat & Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Enzo  Angaliano
Clutch: H&M


We grabbed a quick breakfast and were greeted by these huge lizards, they literally were everywhere and caught me off guard to my husband's amusement. We literally spent the whole day at the beach. The great thing about our hotel was everything was so close, so we had the bar and grill next to us. That night we ate at the Italian restaurant in our hotel and it was amazing.

Bikini from Target

Top & Shorts: target
Clutch & Shoes: Zara

We decided to walk around to check out other resorts and came across this guy on this cool  jet pack, he went pretty high. It was cool to watch, but I don't think I could do that. As we were walking I found this cool bridge on our resort property, that was my go to for pictures. We decided at night that we would go back to Hibachi because the food was so good.

Hat: Jlo (Kohls)
Cover up and Bikini: Target
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Necklace: Tjmaxx
Clutch: H&M
Top and Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara

Some more relaxing, you guys get the drift,lol. We were so exhausted from the sun we decided to just go get a quick bite at the buffet which had all types of amazing island food, good call by my husband.

Coverup: Tjmaxx
Bikini: Target

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Tjmaxx
Sandals: BCBG
Clutch: Kitson LA


We actually ventured out of the resort for dinner to a place called Madaame Jeanatte, the food was beyond amazing and I would highly recommend. I was a little nervous going because the taxi driver was taking us through some back roads but trust me it is worth it.

Top & Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Purse: Kitson LA


Our last full day, we covered up because at this point we were nice and tanned,lol. We hung out by the pool and hot tub. Our last night we ate the Italian restaurant and walked through the grounds.

Coverup: Tjmaxx
Bikini: H&M
Sandals: Hautelook
Belt: H&M

Top: Target
Pants: Joyce Leslie
Clutch: River Island

We did a little mini photo shoot, Ill share with you guys soon. I hope you liked our trip as much as I did. xoxo