Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Instagram @Ravenfashion

So I recently started a fashion instagram. A lot of my friends would ask where I  purchased certain items from, so I made this instagram strictly for pictures of my outfits. I have never been one to hide where I  purchase items. At the end of the day if someone purchases the same item as me I don't care because you cant by style, its what you create with that purchase that sets your style apart from others, I'm just here to inspire and give ideas.  Enjoy and follow @ravenfashion on instagram for daily outfit updates.

Peace and Love


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  3. Except this time it’s Kevin and Mikey with a target aimed squarely at the internet’s #1 photoviewing website [with a brown background], Webbygram. instagram likes

  4. Are you a professional model because you look like one. Love the picture to the right.
    Love Instagram. It makes it easier for us to communicate in terms of images. Last time I check it's now gaining its popularity because a lot of businesses are taking advantage of the fact that Instagram can popularize your business. I have seen people even buy Instagram followers to make their profiles look popular and as a result more people who come across their profiles follow them as well.