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Maternity Shoot/ Surprise Baby Shower ( Photo Credit Pauline Saade)

I previously shared with all of you my intimate maternity shoot, but I'm super excited to share with you guys pictures of my maternity shoot with my husband and dog. I also will share with all of you my Surprise Baby Shower. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.
Lets start with the maternity shoot. I had a vision from the beginning of  a earthy/nature shoot and knew the person that would make the vision come alive would be Pauline Saade.  I first worked with Pauline on my engagement shoot and fell in love with her work from there. She listened to my vision and brought it to life. Now almost three years later she has done my bridal shower, maternity shoot and recently my baby shower.
Here are some pictures from the shoot. We had a fun time shooting and laughing at ourselves. Pauline chose  a great park for us to take our pictures, she really knew exactly what I wanted and couldn't be happier with the pictures. Here is Pauline's Bio and contact information, you will not be disappointed.

Pauline's Bio
Pauline Saade is an independent photographer/artist based in Jersey City. She was Born in Deir El-Qamar, a village located in the southern part of Lebanon. Upon graduating from Rutgers University, she began an internship at an art gallery in Soho NYC. She later began her travels to Europe which further inspired her creativity and work.

In addition to her concentration in nature photography, Pauline’s own passion for everything that has to do with everyday life led to feature work for  family, events, engagements, baby showers, fashion, food, corporate portraits, fine arts, nature, pets and much more.
She is a hopeless romantic  and passionate to capture every single moment, kiss , tears and joy in your shoot.
Her personal drive and individual technique is revealed in the quality of work you see. She is currently working on several projects which will showcase in NYC in Spring of 2014.
Contact Info:
Pauline Saade
Phone# 201-313-6646
Instagram: #saadestudio


My Surprise baby shower  was exactly that a surprise! My best friends reached out to Pauline to capture the event and she did an amazing job capturing each moment of my special day. My friends and mother did an amazing job with the decor, I loved, loved, loved the Parisian theme, it was so me. I really thought that I would know what day my shower would be, but they totally got me. My friend Benita reached out to my blogger friends Ada from and Hiliana from to help with getting me to the baby shower. I honestly thought I was going to a fashion show and when I walked in I was shocked to walk into my beautiful shower. My mother had a dress for me waiting,lol I know such a diva moment. The best part of my shower was just seeing my family and friends and of course finding out what I was having. The anxiety of not knowing the sex was killing me, so to finally know Im having a little girl, is just exciting and overwhelming. I'm 12 days away from my due date and so excited to meet my angel. Here are some pictures from my shower. Once again please go check out Pauline Saade's work and if you are in the tri-state area make sure to contact her and schedule a shoot or book her for your special event. I just want to also send a big thank you to my girls Benita, Sara, Jesse, Dali, Kelly and my Mother for making my Baby Shower one to remember  you have no idea how much I appreciated your hard work, love you all.

My Baby Shower!
The Parisian Them was beyond beautiful. All thanks to my friends and mother.

The guest had to fill out a wishlist for my baby which I absolutely loved

Loved my cake, it taste so good

My mother used some of our maternity pictures which looked amazing

Pauline just knows how to capture each setting

How cute was my cake

The treats were so yummy.

My mother made each centerpiece

Boy or Girl!

Loved the shadow box with my invite in it

I actually got to keep the little outfit for my daughter

My candy table was so cute, I actually had 2 separate candy tables

I have this vase in my daughter's nursery now

My gifts from my amazing friends and family

My mother surprised me with the Prada Diaper Bag I wanted. She is the best

These cake push pops were beyond amazing and my mom even got me candy apples which I craved throughout my whole pregnancy.

For each bag of diapers a guest brought they received a raffle ticket to put in the boy box or girl box. I thought this was cute and helpful because I have tons of diapers now:)
Loved my cupcakes

The guest waiting for me to arrive
About to walk in.
Happy and surprised  walking in with my Blogger girls Hiliana and Ada 
So confused,lol


Overwhelmed at this point 
Still confused!
Greeted by my beautiful nieces

My husband was in on the surprise.

Outfit change;)
A big thank you to my mother, she did an amazing job. Thanks Mom

How pretty is my mom. She is wearing blue because all guest who thought it was a boy wore blue and obviously those who thought it was a girl wore pink. I walked into a sea of blue, sorry to disappointed everyone,lol.

Loved my candy table

My family:)

Some of my girls

The amazing Pauline and Steve

The Mazzochi Sisters. Love them

Love them

my life<3

Love these girls beyond, now these are my girls. They did an amazing job on my shower. Love you girls

Love them to the moon and back. My crew

Guest had to guess my belly size, fun game

We had fun with this game

My twin and Godmother to my child

The winner, sorry Macho lol

Getting ready to find out what we are having

Ok here we go


Its a girl!!!!



I think it just hit him,lol.

Reality just set in, he is having a girl lol


Feeling the love!

The End! We are having a girl!

 Peace & Love!

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  1. How beautiful!! love the pictures and your baby shower looks amazing!!